We guarantee you at least 40 new customers per month.

Otherwise we refund you with our Satisfied or Refunded Formula.

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Join a Community of over 4500 Professionals in DermoBooking. Choose the Leaeder for acquiring customers interested in Microblading. Feel safe with our Satisfied or Money Back guarantee.


Treatments Acquired & Converted Online

Each of our Dermopigmentistss converts new customers every month from DermoBooking's Online Marekting strategies. To date, more than 140,000 new customers have been converted thanks to the DermoBooking service.


Average profit for Dermopigmentists

Trust DermoBooking. The average monthly profit for over 4500 dermopigmentists in Europe is over €9000. Start now to acquire profiled contacts interested in receiving a consultation.

How does DermoBooking work?

DermoBooking is a subscription service that can provide you with at least 40 new target customers every month to contact and book a Microblading consultation with.

Ready to call customers

DermoBooking will do the dirty work, you only have to worry about calling your customers in time and guaranteeing them an appointment and an accurate service according to their needs.

Appointments for Touch-ups

A Dermopigmentists who stays in DermoBooking for at least 12 months can guarantee an annual income of at least 15 touch-ups every month for 12 months in a row.


What is included in DermoBooking?


Online Marketing Strategies

We will take care of building a suitable Online Strategy to make you perceived as a leader in your area with the aim of acquiring at least 40 new customers.


We pay for advertising traffic for you

You won't have to link any credit cards or spend any money on advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We'll pay for it for you and guarantee the result.


Organic Traffic for Free Customers

We will only count for contractual purposes the customers we bring to you from our strategies. All other customers who contact you on Instagram or call you will be Extra and therefore BONUS!


Step By Step training

You'll have immediate access to the DermoBooking Accellerator, the first training programme that tells you how to get your cabin sold out in less than 90 days.


Tutor for the duration of the contract

One of over +90 DermoBooking Tutors will be at your side with Incremental Strategy Consultations every 15 days to review Performance and Status.


Protocols & Scripts

You will receive the Telephone Sales Scripts that have enabled over 4500 Dermopigmentistss to generate an average of €9974.34 profit per month in less than 90 days.


Landing Page in your name from DermoBooking

You will be able to use a personalised Landing Page with your story and your work free of charge as an additional customer acquisition tool.


Management App & CRM

Every Contact, every Appointment will be kept safe and tidy in the Dermobooking Management App, which will eliminate all the headaches of managing numbers.


Online Reminder & Agenda System

You can take advantage of an Online Diary where you can enter appointments, call-backs and touch-ups, directly integrated into your App. The system will also send you a confirmation request 1 day before the appointment.


WhatsApp AI to automate chats

We will connect an Artificial Intelligence to your WhatsApp Business that can autonomously respond to customers who write to you on Whats App.


Facebook Bot to automate messages

Your Facebook Page will be fully managed by an Artificial Intelligence that will take care of growing it and responding to anyone requesting information about your page.


Email Marketing for Appointment Confirmations

Whenever you enter an appointment, the management system will remind both you and the client with advance notice and notifications.

All this delivered on a monthly
basis and tested on over 4500 Dermopigmentistss.

Join DermoBooking and scale your booth until you reach Sold Out. Many of our DermoBookers ask us to block our lead generation campaigns to allow them to invest more time in improving their internal flows.

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With DermoBooking you don't pay for mistakes.

DermoBooking is the result of more than 5 years of testing and about 3,000,000 € of advertising budget, speed up your growth, trust DermoBooking. We are first entrepreneurs in MicroBlading and then Tutors. We have successfully launched over 25 Cabins in 2020.

You are already losing about 8 New Customers per month

Without DermoBooking and Direct Response Marketing you are already leaving at least 8 new customers a month on the table, bringing turnover and profits to your competitors near you.

Over 4500 dermopigmentists are already getting results, you are not.

Don't wait to be the last one in your City to use DermoBooking and have at least 40 new customers per month guaranteed.


Request a DermoBooking Tutor Consultation Now

You will be contacted by a Tutor

Request a Consultation with one of DermoBooking's Tutors. You will be contacted by a qualified Expert to help you fill your cabin right away.

We will plan together the Start

The Tutor will get a good understanding of your value and will draw with you the avatar of the typical customer you want to acquire on a monthly basis with the DermoBooking service.

You'll start receiving customers straight away

From the moment of Start, an average of 3-5 days will pass, and you will immediately start receiving appointments from profiled customers in your area.


We guarantee at least 40 customers

Our strategies are field-tested and retested by over 4500 dermopigmentists.


We reimburse you if we don't keep our promises

In our entire history we have only issued a refund 13 times.


We pay for the advertisements

You won't have to spend even 1 € on advertising. We'll take care of that for you.


A Tutor will always be at your side

Questions Doubts and Problems will be addressed with the Tutor.


You will also acquire organic customers and they will be yours

All people who contact you on Instagram, in Stories, from Facebook comments will not count towards the 40 Clients per month and will be extra and totally yours.


You will automatically become recognised by your customers as a Leader

The strategy will turn you into a Dermopigmentists recognised as a professional and leader in your area.


What they say about us

Frequently asked questions
  • DermoBooking is not a cost. It is a guaranteed high return investment on your business, on your booth, on the result you sell to your best customers. DermoBooking is the accelerator you have been waiting for. Apply now to receive a Free Consultation from one of our Tutors and understand how to get started.

  • You send us an email with the history of your situation and if you can prove that you have received less than 40 customers we will refund you immediately as per contractual agreement.

  • DermoBooking has created an Emergency protocol where in case of serious illness, lockdown, or force majeure you cannot continue with the contract you can request a stop for 30 or 60 days and DermoBooking will be obliged to accept it.

  • DermoBooking is committed to a radius of operation in low density countries of at least 20km and in large cities of at least 5km. Competitors will no longer be a problem with DermoBooking.

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