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Join more than 4500 Dermopigmentistss in Europe and Russia who gain customers every month through DermoBooking. You'll find a thriving community of aligned people who want to grow.

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  • DermoBooking is not a cost. It is a guaranteed high return investment on your business, on your booth, on the result you sell to your best customers. DermoBooking is the accelerator you have been waiting for. Apply now to receive a Free Consultation from one of our Tutors and understand how to get started.

  • You send us an email with the history of your situation and if you can prove that you have received less than 40 customers we will refund you immediately as per contractual agreement.

  • DermoBooking has created an Emergency protocol where in case of serious illness, lockdown, or force majeure you cannot continue with the contract you can request a stop for 30 or 60 days and DermoBooking will be obliged to accept it.

  • DermoBooking is committed to a radius of operation in low density countries of at least 20km and in large cities of at least 5km. Competitors will no longer be a problem with DermoBooking.

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